Preparing   FOR WHAT’S NEXT

Whether you’re still going through treatment or have recently finished, it’s a good time to learn about the next steps you and your treatment team may be able to take to help manage your stage 3 lung cancer. There may be more you can do. Learn more about a new treatment option.

Team up with your treatment team to create a plan

For many things in life, creating a plan may help you achieve your goals. It’s no different when it comes to treating your lung cancer. That’s why we’ve created the short list found below. It includes a few suggestions of what you can do in the weeks and months ahead.

Looking   AHEAD
Schedule your lung cancer scans
Schedule your scans.
Stay informed about the latest lung cancer treatments
Stay informed about the latest treatments.
Keep a calendar of all your lung cancer doctor appointments
Keep a calendar with all of your doctor appointments.
Know your lung cancer treatment team
Know your treatment team: write down their names and contact information, so you have it all in one place. Consider making copies and giving them to your family and friends.
Take care of your health and wellness
Take care of your health and wellness. Healthier eating and self-care are important steps toward preparing for what's next. Live W.E.L.L. provides recipes, breathing exercises, and more. Sign up today!
Write down questions or concerns for your lung cancer treatment team
Write down any questions or concerns you may have for your treatment team. Discuss next steps and any potential treatment options. The Doctor Discussion Guide can help.

After treatment, your treatment team will check to see if your cancer has progressed. “Progression” means the cancer has gotten worse or spread to other parts of the body. And progression from stage 3 can affect up to 89% of patients who have received CRT. Ask your treatment team to give you as much detail as they can about your specific type of cancer and if there may be other potential treatment options for you.

Get More Support

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